INRCOG provides assistance with preparing for and dealing with emergencies and disasters affecting a community through planning and grant writing efforts. Preparing for such events can ease the burden of recovering from the disaster or emergency.

Available Services

Grant and Loan Programs
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds a number of grant programs aimed at strengthening the emergency preparedness of a community. Two of the more popular programs include FEMA's Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program and the developing First Responders Grant Initiative. The Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division also provides useful information on emergency preparedness and programs that may be available to your community.

Hazardous Mitigation Plans
A Hazardous Mitigation Plan identifies the potential disaster, both natural and man-made, that a community may face. The Plan then outlines implementation strategies for minimizing the impacts of these disasters in each community. Hazardous Mitigation Planning efforts assist communities in applying for assistance should an emergency event occur. In addition to plans, this program will also eventually fund projects, on a competitive grant basis, for projects that have been previously identified in local Hazard Mitigation Plans. These plans are generally funded with FEMA resources, through a program known as the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP).

Residential Flood Buyouts
INRCOG has responded on behalf of the communities in the region affected by previous flood events.INRCOG staff has administered FEMA and Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division grants on behalf of numerous cities and counties to purchase and convert to green space residential properties in response to flooding in recent years. The goal of the program is to move properties out of harm's way for any future flooding that may occur. While structures could be moved out of the floodplain, if it was more cost-efficient, most residential structures were demolished, while a few were moved out of the floodplain.


Brian Schoon, Director of Development
Nick Fratzke, Community Development Specialist
Isaiah Corbin, Community Planner