The INRCOG Safety Program focuses on OSHA compliance regulations affecting employees of member jurisdictions. The program started in 1994 with communities from Grundy and Buchanan counties as original participating members and soon expanded to the remainder of the INRCOG region. Today, a total of 30 jurisdictions participate as members. Assistance is offered to program participants on an ongoing basis in the areas described below.

Available Services

Safety Compliance Audits
An initial walk-through of the city's or county's facilities is performed to identify safety concerns that need correction, to determine and review recordkeeping procedures, and determine how employee training records are maintained. The status of written safety programs is also discussed. Regular follow-up audits are used to evaluate program compliance and assist in areas of need.

Written Safety Programs
Many of the OSHA standards require written programs explaining how specific safety issues are handled. Implemented programs are personalized and maintained in an up-to-date status. Core programs include Hazard Communication/Right-to-Know, Bloodborne Pathogens, Emergency Response, Personal Protective Equipment, Control of Hazardous Energy, Confined Space Entry, Respiratory Protection, Welding Safety, and New Employee Orientation.

Hazard Assessments
It is important to have on file various workplace "hazard assessments" that are used to establish the basis for needing various safety programs. Identifying potential hazards employees may be exposed to allow the opportunity to implement engineering controls/work practices to reduce or eliminate the hazards.

Employee Training
OSHA standards are focused on employee safety with the purpose of providing guidelines to prevent employee occupational injuries/illnesses. A part of the employer's responsibility is to provide the appropriate employee safety training to encourage a safe work environment. Annual safety training is scheduled at the city/county locations at a time that is most convenient for the jurisdiction. Training topics are grouped in order to complete the necessary employee training in the most efficient manner possible. New training topics are regularly used in addition to the core program topics.

Safety Steering Committees
Safety meetings are held at various locations around the INRCOG region on a quarterly basis to allow jurisdiction representatives the opportunity to discuss new/key safety issues and to focus on program goals and how we can maintain a thorough, consistent and effective program direction.


Brian Schoon, Director of Development